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Transformers, Coils and Inductors

Elscott has been manufacturing quality transformers for the Defense, Aerospace and Commerical Magnetics’ markets for over 50 years. We build to strict print specifications, utilizing Ferrite, Powder Iron and Molybdenum Permalloy Powder (MPP) Cores and our transformers are made in compliance with RoHS or using lead for military applications.


  • We can produce many step up or step down transformer types including: Isolated or Shielded, Pulse, Gate Drive or Current Sense. These can be made with operating frequency ranges from 1mHz to 100Hz and voltage from millivolts to 10KV.
  • Construction types can be bobbin, layer wound, open frame, surface mount, thru-hole or toroidal and multi layered and hand wound if necessary. We also build using 3C96 or 3F3 material specifications.
  • We work with magnet wire sizes from 15AWG to 40 AWG and also offer vacuum pressure impregnation and encapsulation.
  • We do a full range of testing on transformers for inductance, Direct Current Resistance (DCR) leakage inductance, turns ratio, insulation resistance, AC resistance, polarity and dielectric withstanding voltage.